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Huge Jackie Compilation: Professional Model, 5 Cigarettes, Interview & Leather Smoking! Smoking Fetish Studio


This extended scene is a compilation of the previous two Jackie clips:

-Jackie: Professional Model – “cigarettes are stylish”, Smoking Interview & Sensual smoker!

  • Elegant Jackie: Vogue Cigarettes & Tight Leather…

This brief description is taken from the descriptions of the individual clips below. For a FULL narrative please refer to those two Jackie scenes:

”Jackie is one of the sexiest smokers I’ve ever worked with! She appreciates the smoking fetish and loves to tease guys as they watch her smoke. Her figure is stunning and in these scenes, and as Jackie smokes Vogue cigarettes she wears tight black leather – reminiscent of bad Sandy at the end of the film Grease.”

”In this clip we capture an account of Jackie’s smoking history. In a long discussion we capture all the relevant details about Jackie’s smoking such as the addiction and when she became addicted after attending university here in London. We discuss how long she’s been smoking, why she tried it, her recollection of her first cigarette, how her first cigarette hurt her chest and throat, her favourite brand, the enjoyment she extracts from smoking cigarettes, the amount of cigarettes she smokes in a day etc.”

It’s always interesting to understand the perspective of a model who truly loves smoking and understands the fetish. Jackie really does! She explains that, “smoking’s really sexy”, and how it “brings out the badness in you”. It was a delight to collaborate with such a stunning girl who appreciates just how sexy smoking is.”

”I loved working with Jackie as she comprehends how hot she is when she smokes cigarettes. She sometimes allows the smoke to waft from her lips after inhaling it into her hungry lungs and leaves the white filter stained with her lipstick.”

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