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Smoked The Hard Way Colight Coherent Light Photography


The Hard Way is all dark side, with three long scenes. In the first, Aron, Juliet and Cindy are two girlfriends and an ex-wife, torturing their hapless non-smoking victim with their smoke; a noose, a blindfold, a ball gag with a tube attached, and some plastic wrap figure into the scenario as well. There’s some good smoking in and around the scenario, with dangles and french inhales among the highlights. Nadja and Aron are next, as Nadja first trains slave Aron to accept smoke with the help of a retrofitted gas mask, and then forces her to learn to smoke for real with dangles, double and triple drags as she progresses. There’s nice tough-girl smoking from Nadja, who also bathes Aron in smoke and lightly burns her from time to time), and Aron gets better as she goes. Finally, Keenan and Megan are lovers who run into trouble when Megan quits smoking and talks of leaving – until Keenan overpowers Megan, forces her to smoke, at times with the help of a custom-made gag-holder, and then resume her habit – and they live happily ever after with smoke exchanges and smoky kisses. Lots of dangling and nice smoking, particularly after the reconciliation. This video has natural sound and dialogue.

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