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Popular Professional Model Alea Returns & Becomes Aroused by Her Sexy Smoking! Smoking Fetish Studio


Alea returns for a fresh instalment of ultra-sexy smoking! Anxious about an impending work interview, and tired after writing an article for a fashion magazine, Alea has been chain smoking 2 packets of Kent’s. This scene captures Alea devouring 2 cigarettes.

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Alea has a REAL passion for smoke. She adores the shapes and movement the smoke creates as it emerges from the depths of her lungs and dissipates into the . She muses, “It’s amazing to just lie on your back and just watch the smoke flying through the air”. Soon after, while laying on her bed she attempts some smoke rings and tries to catch the round foggy shapes as they drift away.

Some models really do love smoking cigarettes and Alea is one of them. She has a love of hot smoke filling her lungs, an affection for smoke drifting from her lips and a romance for the sexiness of smoking which is captured perfectly in this film as she constantly flirts with the camera and unmistakably becomes aroused while enjoying her cigarettes. In fact during the film she muses “I’ve just become engaged to cigarettes”, and also ambles to a poster proudly displayed on her wall of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and strokes it tenderly absorbing the beauty of Audrey smoking via a long cigarette holder.

She teases you be exhaling her smoke directly into a mirror while retaining eye-contact with the camera, perceptive that you would love her to be exhaling her smoke all over you!

Alea then tells us, “I’ve been restless today. I have an interview and I’ve been smoking all day…and all night”. This video is truly a masterful display of smoking. In my opinion it’s incredibly sensual, seductive and VERY, VERY sexy!

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