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Triggering My Asthma Skye Smokes



Smoking makes my asthma flare up really bad. I start out with one cigarette, my typical Marlboro Red 100. I smoke it, dumping my ashes into a makeshift pop bottle ashtray. Soon enough I start coughing like crazy, my asthma is starting to flare up. All the coughing makes me need to spit, as I start coughing up all of the stuff in my lungs. I cough and continue smoking the entire cigarette before taking a moment to try catching my breath, as it is quickly becoming more difficult to breath. Instead of going to take my inhaler, I smoke another cigarette. This time it feels like I cant stop coughing. I can hardly breathe, but I manage to finish smoking despite being a little dizzy. I end up in the living room having to use my nebulizer. The two cigarettes have pushed me to the point where my normal inhaler wouldn’t be enough. I use the nebulizer, stopping to cough quite frequently and taking as deep of breaths as I can.

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