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Tatiana 2 Cigarettes in 5 Minutes & 4 Second Drags A REAL LIFE POWER SMOKER… SmokingFetishStudio


Tatiana is genuinely a real life power smoker! She consumes 2 packets of cigarettes per day and loves EVERY single one of them. She worships ALL cigarettes from strong menthol, Marlboro Red and even filterless.

In these 2 scenes you’ll see Tatiana potently devouring two strong cigarettes with vigour. She robustly drags so deeply that she finishes her cigarettes in little more than about 2 minutes! Tatiana drags so hard on her cigarette – up to 4 seconds in a single drag – that she power smokes her cigarettes in record time.

She places the filter in her lips, her cheeks hollow as she drags for a couple of seconds – often performing a double drag on her cigarette without removing it from her mouth…sheer stunning! The volume of smoke absorbed in her lungs is colossal. But STILL she billows plumes of thick smoke into the, sometimes leaning into the camera and exhaling the smoke right into your face.

Tatiana is a smoke fetishers dream. I’ve NEVER encountered anybody who smokes so powerfully. The shoot lasted just 40 minutes and during this time Tatiana smoked 5 cigarettes (another compilation will be released soon) and she wasn’t fazed or – such is the capacity of her lungs.

This is a dream compilation – Tatiana makes intensive eye-contact with the camera and sucks so much smoke into her body that her chest heaves and the filter of her cigarette is black! A true POWER SMOKER…

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