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Taylor Dare And Whitney


In the first segment of this video, porn star Taylor Dare is smoking Marlboro Menthol 100s as a man walks by and notices her; she notices the reaction that he has to her smoking, and is happy to give him a terrific smoky blow job as she speaks French to him – both done very well. Taylor loves taking deep drags before going down, so that the smoke flows endlessly from her nostrils with the cock in her mouth. The scene ends with the man cumming in Taylor’s mouth – she swallows as much as she can and the rest stays glistening on her lips as she finishes her cigarette contentedly. Then, Whitney wakes up with several 120s in bed – with lots of perfect french inhales, thick exhales – and since she can’t resist – lots of touching and smoky masturbation as well – incredibly, Whitney loves to french even as she’s bringing herself to orgasm. This title has natural sound and some dialogue (in sexy French).

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