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The Beginning #1 In Real Life


The Beginning Volumes 1, 2, and 3 were the first video’s that IRLP shot. They are composed of footage shot from Oct ’99 till Feb ’00. Each volume is 60 minutes long and has a soundtrack of original jazz compositions performed by a fellow smoke lover. These videos were all filmed with a Canon Elura digital video camera, and mastered digitally. Each copy is made from a digital master to give the highest picture quality that a 4 head analog vcr can achieve.

These videos consist of a mix of indoor and outdoor scenes. Most of the indoor scenes were shot in bars or resturants with available lighting. A few of the scenes were shot with our first attempt at artificial lighting and backlighting. If you are a fan of studio backlighting and strong exhales you may not find our earlier videos to your liking. A few of the scenes were lit well, but some were on the dark side with poorly visable exhales. Most of the outdoor scenes have dispersed exhales due to wind.

In my opinion, and based on feedback I have recieved from customers, if you are a big exhale fan you may not be totally pleased with these videos on a whole. However if you are a fan of holding, light-ups, and dragging I am confidant that you will be pleased. This is not to say that there were not some good exhales that were captured well, but I feel the need to be honest in my descriptions of these videos.

Some of the highlights that may be of some interest from these videos are as follows. There are a number of scenes that feature Julie in a leather jacket, with and without leather gloves. There are a number of scenes that feature Danielle and Christi in a hot tub by candlelight…in bikinis.

Julie and Halle perform french inhales in scenes throughout this series, and Halle is also possesed of very deep cheek hollowing drag with a natural snap.

Through this series the most widely smoked brands are Marlboro Light 100’s and VS 120’s. However there are also Marlboro 100’s, Newport 100’s, Capri’s, Salem 100’s, and B&H; 100’s. The most predominent method of light-up is with a lighter, but a few scenes we used matches.

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