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Ksenia is answering the questions while smoking two strong cigarettes one by one (Saratoga and Marlboro Red) RussianSmokers


Here are the questions for her from this interview:

How long have you been smoking?
Who gave you a cigarette to try to smoke?
And how was it like? What was your reaction – did you like it or?
How did your body react to your first cigarette when you were …?
Is that cigarette too strong for you?
Do you remember in more detail the feeling of your first cigarette?
How often do you smoke now? How many cigarettes a day?
Who do you work for, where?
And how do your relatives refer to the fact that you smoke?
What they do to stop you smoking?
Do you have health problems because of smoking?
Its difficult to smoke two cigarettes at once, isnt it?
So you usually smoke pretty fast?
Why don`t you smoke at home?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Which cigarettes do you smoke now? Why them?
Do they differ by taste?
Can you describe the different tastes?
What tricks with smoke, with cigarettes you know how to do?
Can you do nose exhales?
Can you smoke without hands?

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