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The Best Part… In Real Life Exposed


..of waking up, is those first couple of cigarettes – at least, for a smoker. And this video features three cute models, Kelly, Mina and Puma, waking up and having their first cigarette of the day; then having their second cigarette with coffee.

In turn, we see Kelly, then Mina and finally Puma, waking up in bed (topless) and immediately reaching over to light up and have their first of the day; we then see them with tops or robes, having a cup of coffee and another morning cigarette. The video ends with a bonus segment, with the three of them smoking and chatting in the bedroom, in lingerie. All of the bedroom scenes are shown in real time; the coffee scenes combine several of the best angles to show the smoke. All three are good smokers; Mina shows some open-mouth inhales, and Puma smokes rapidly, with some combined exhales and some residual nose exhales during her next drag; all smoke Marlboro Lights 100s and use lighters for lightups.

We use digital video cameras to film all our videos, with front and back studio lighting and four different camera angles, with the best angles shown in each scene. Every copy is made from a digital master, and is a first generation copy of the master.

This video features ambient sound and dialogue (including some on-topic) in the group scene, and is 56 minutes in length.

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