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Their 164s Colight Coherent Light Photography


This classic release from CoLight was remastered from old analog tapes, so the quality is a little less than perfect – but it’s a spectacular video featuring the late, lamented extra-long 164s. The video starts with Valentine taking numerous double drags and showing great snaps, straight stream and husky exhales while wearing a fur coat. Megan follows, with double drags, snap inhales and very thick exhales, and a few sets of smoke rings. Keenan wears leather gloves for her first segment, with lots of double drags, some wide mouthed snaps and a mix of stream and husky exhales, plus teasing smiles. Jade shows lots of right-at-you exhales plus a mix of stream and husky exhales, in two different outfits and a mix of long, medium and close ups. Keenan’s second segment also includes lots of double drags and smoky smiles. Her dialogue is little girl pouty as she smokes her 164 down to the filter, double-dragging all the way. All the models show lots of snaps, frenches, nose exhales and talking exhales, and the nice dialogue and audible inhales and exhales are an added bonus.

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