Triple pumps crossed legs shimmer blue dress audible inhales cork cigarette and brat attitude Smoking Angie


This shimmer dress made quite an impression I’ve got 3 custom requests asking for this dress specifically. And I decided to make you something in it after doing those customs this is one of the clips. Remember that in the first time we went for double pumps? This time I wanted something different… triple pumps, cork cigarette a lucky strike one of my favorite corks! I talk with you a lot in this clip, and tbh I am quite a brat here… you have quite a beautiful sight of my legs, crossed, shining like my dress and my smile. And all the time I take triple pumps sometimes open mouth inhales sometimes direct inhales. You get to see the creamy smoke traveling around my gorgeous lips. You get to see my sparkling white smile many times during this clip cause you know I am a smiling girl lol this is the perfect clip for who loves a woman well dressed and power smoking with desire and passion.

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