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Franchezca: Smoking 8 100s


Franchezca smokes 8 100s, lighting up with matches and smoking them all the way down to the filter.

Scene 1: Heavy smoking & Sexy dancing. Magnified by a black swimming suit, Franchezca performs dangling action chain smoking 3 cigarettes, with beautiful snaps soon followed by amazing nostril exhales or nose mouth combination exhales. She dances on the music, wrapped in a nicotine smoky atmosphere, holding the smoke in her lungs as she moves her body.

Scene 2: Glamour Smoking & Two cigarettes at once. Franchezca looks stunning smoking desperately in the couch. Her body is sculpted by cigarettes since she started being 10 years old. Today she breathes glamour wearing diamond earrings and a tight pants to drag so hard. She even enjoys some 2 cigarettes at once in the end to improve her pleasure!

Scene 3: Heavy Smoking relaxation. Franchezca lies in a long chair having long deep drags to her 100s. She often holds her cigarette like a joint, staring at the camera with a provocative look from below.

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