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Triple Pumps & Lingerie Smoking Lisa The Power Smoker SmokingFetishStudio


Lisa started smoking when she was 15 and became addicted within one week! She told me that she simply started smoking 10 cigarettes every day the day after she tried her first one. At the young age of 16 she was smoking two packs of cigarettes each day.

This scene is only 3 minutes 20 seconds but features Lisa smoking two cigarettes – the first while laying on her back displaying her enormous breasts, and the second while sitting on her bed.

Lisa’s lungs are cast iron! I notice that she takes double pumps regularly without encouragement which is demonstrated when her breasts rise after deeply inhaling the second drag. Therefore in the second scene of this clip I ask Lisa to attempt triple and even quadruple drags which she obliges to perform. Her lungs are severely starved of oxygen but she seems content to deliver as much smoke to her lungs as possible. In fact I ask Lisa “are you feeling light-headed” to which she replies, “no”! Quite incredible and not a clip to miss.

I always ask the models I work with to take a few still captures with an HD camera to accompany the filmed material. For THOUSANDS of exclusive pictures please sign-up to my newsletter via this link

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