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Vanessa-Jessica: Hot Smoking Girls


The Spanish Vanessa, more addicted than ever before, and the British Jessica are back in a new video. Both are heavy smokers as you probably noticed in previous videos. There is no talking in the video, only the pleasure of hearing and seeing how they hold the smoke inside and devour their cigarettes. Each girl smokes 3 cigarettes during this video, and you will enjoy watching their deep inhales, hugue exhales, nostril nose exhales, and double drags, as well as some candid coughs.

You can see on their body movements while their breasts get full of smoke and you will notice in their faces how much they enjoy it, especially while they inhale deeply. They can’t seem to stop inhaling and sometimes it’s getting a bit too much and they need to cough a little. Who knows how many cigarettes they already devoured that day before the video was shot. Again another marvellous video of Vanessa and Jessica, download it to see for yourself!

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