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Welcome To Belgium Colight Coherent Light Photography


The girls of Europe knew the freedom to smoke (as of 2002 when this video was filmed) and how to relish it. Antwerp is where Christine and Sarah demonstrate their delicious skills. Christine is a long legged beauty born and raised in Belgium. She’s a two pack a day girl. She’s a cork smoker (Marlboro light, European version) and has wonderful volumes. Her English is more than enough to tell you how and when she started smoking. She adds a word or two about how silly she thinks it is for Americans to be restricted as to where they smoke. First she has a drink in the lobby of the Hotel Mercure adjacent to a noisy waterfall. Then, she puffs away in the elevator on her way to her suite. She stretches out in the living room for several cigarettes. She discovers you watching and tells you a bit about herself before heading for bed and one more cigarette. The next day, she visits one of her smoking friends at work in a local cafe-club. She translates a little of her friends own smoking story settling in to enjoy the pleasure of smoking in a public place. Sarah is a sweet little French girl who has made her home in Belgium. Demure, wholesome and quite beautiful when dressed or nude, Sarah can move smoke even better than Christine. Brush up on your French while you can because that what she speaks best. Once she visits the bar downstairs she moves to her rooms where she tells you all about her smoking in her native tongue. She reserves the best for last as she lounges on the oversized bed. First in bra and panties, then topless, she continues her smoking. With a wave of her hand and a glimmer in her eye she invites you to join her as she prepares her bubble bath. Finally, she reluctantly puts out her cigarette and slips into the warm water for her goodbyes. She smokes cork filtered European Marlboro Lights. This video has dialogue and natural audio.

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