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Willow Desperate For A Smoke


Here is sexy skilled smoker Willow in a two scene custom video smoking a Marlboro Red 100 in both scenes often showing off her awesome huge snap inhales. She is wearing her cute schoolgirl outfits with black stockings, one scene with a red plaid skirt and the other with a green plaid skirt while sporting pigtails. The theme of the custom in the first scene is Willow had to wait all day to smoke and she is dying for a cigarette. She powerfully smokes it down to get relief and talks to you about how much she needed it and how good it feels to finally smoke. The second scene she enjoys smoking her cigarette and talks to you about her smoking lifestyle and how much she loves being a dedicated smoker and the probable condition of her lungs. Both scenes are captured from two angles. Awesome skilled smoking from heavy and long time smoking babe Willow!!!

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