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11 Smoking Beauties


Here are 11 pretty smokers in an all new smoking video. Willow & Lucy, Jenna & Roxeanne, Vivi & Farrah, Mary & Amber and Sara, Leah & Sadie smoke together in 5 new scenes.
Willow & Lucy smoke all whit Marlboros and talk about shooting guns while performing snaps and omis.
Jenna & Roxeanne smoke Marlboro Menthol & Marlboro #27 as Jenna teaches Roxeanne how to do snaps and omis.
Vivi & Farah smoke Parliament & Marlboro #27 as Vivi attempts to show Farrah how to snap inhale.
Amber & Mary smoke Reds as they ask each other some questions about their smoking.
Leah, Sara & Sadie each smoke all white Virginia Slims as they talk about random stuff.
11 sexy girls having a great time enjoying cigarettes together.

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