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11 Smoking Beauties


Here are 11 pretty smokers in an all new smoking video. Willow & Lucy, Jenna & Roxeanne, Vivi & Farrah, Mary & Amber and Sara, Leah & Sadie smoke together in 5 new scenes.
Willow & Lucy smoke all whit Marlboros and talk about shooting guns while performing snaps and omis.
Jenna & Roxeanne smoke Marlboro Menthol & Marlboro #27 as Jenna teaches Roxeanne how to do snaps and omis.
Vivi & Farah smoke Parliament & Marlboro #27 as Vivi attempts to show Farrah how to snap inhale.
Amber & Mary smoke Reds as they ask each other some questions about their smoking.
Leah, Sara & Sadie each smoke all white Virginia Slims as they talk about random stuff.
11 sexy girls having a great time enjoying cigarettes together.

One thought on “11 Smoking Beauties

  1. Smoking a cigar is not smoking a cigarette. Women smoke cigarettes on the sidewalk. The pleasure factor relies on the novelty, its special relationship to insistence and sex, especially for the fetishist. Not sure why this is so hard to get

    Toe fetisishists would not be turned on by videos of fingers, right?

    Find some other girls. Teach them how to smoke. Introduce them to cigars. The fat maduros. Even old youtube videos show the basics.

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