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Power Smoking Friends Daisy & Molly SmokingFetishStudio


Daisy is a model who has been smoking for years. She was accompanied on the shoot by Molly, her friend. My goodness these girls might not even be 20 yet but they CAN REALLY smoke! Every drag they take is hard, and each inhale fills their lungs to full capacity.

Daisy is firstly interviewed about her addiction followed by Molly who informed me that she had never done modelling work before. Due to her anxiety she is visibly nervous on camera and can be seen shaking during the interview sequence. Nevertheless both Daisy and Molly their cigarettes with a rigorous showcase of supreme smoking.

The final scene features both girls smoking together, and although the scene is focussed primarily on smoking there is limited dialogue between the girls who briefly discuss which of them smokes the most cigarettes.

Neither girl had heard of a smoking fetish before and both were shocked when I informed them what guys would be doing when they watched them smoking! It’s unlikely therefore that I’ll ever be able to recruit these truly beautiful girls in the future. Don’t miss this clip guys it really is unique!

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