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18 y.o. Angelina is smoking two 120mm cigarettes and giving an interview about her smoking experience RussianSmokers


Qestions for her:

What’s your name?
How old are you?
How long have you been smoking?
Since you tried your first cigarette how long has it been before you started to smoke on a daily basis?
How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
What kind of situations do you mean?
So you increase the dosage in case of stress?
Does your husband smoke?
What does he feel about your smoking?
Have you ever tried to smoke with no hands?
What cigarettes do you smoke?
And which are your favourite?
Can you do tricks? Such as blow smoke rings,something like that.
Do you spit when you smoke?
Do you feel that you’re addicted to smoking?
Can it be said that you smoke not for pleasure but due to addiction?
Do you feel that smoking is telling on your health somehow?
Do you litter around when opening a pack?
And where do you throw roaches in the street?
How long does it take you to have another cigarette after a smoke?
How long does it take you to have a cigarette after you woke up?
Do you d.rink coffee anyway?
And what do you feel after couple of hits of that first cigarette in the morning?
Feeling dizzy?
Do you like that state when feeling dizzy?
And which cigarette is your favourite in an entire day?
And do you like the taste and smell of cigarettes?
Do you like the smell when you’re not smoking yourself?
Can you explain what do you like best about smoking?
Do you regret starting smoking?
So you weren’t capable of doing so for long terms?
D’you know that there’re some people who enjoy watching at smoking ladies and what do you think about it?
How strong is this cigarette?
Can you smoke another one?
Are your relatives against your smoking?
Do you live with your parents?
Do you smoke at home?
So you smoke alongside with your husband?
Does a cigarette suit you, in your opinion?
Do you perceive yourself sexier being smoking?
Are you going to quit for the period of pregnancy?
What do you do in life?
What are your hobbies?
Did you parents smoke when you were a
Do you pay attention to warnings on cigarette packages?
Maybe you look for some material on health problems caused
by smoking all by yourself? Watch it on TV or research online?
Why do you spit so much?
You spit that much all the time?
Do you smoke cigars, hookah or vape?
Do you have any smoking related rituals or traditions?
What do you normally do to get rid of the tobacco smell or taste from your mouth?
Have you ever given a non-smoker advice to start smoking?
What kind of men do you prefer – smoking or non-smoking?
Can you explain why is it so?
Did you ever count how much do you spend for cigarettes per month? And is this sum meaningful to you?

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