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A Prank On Step-Mother And Step-Daughter Becomes Passionate Lesbian Sex Wicked Smoking StepMothers


Raquel is in town for the week for business and a chance to visit her step-daughter Mysti. She’s staying in a suite at a fancy hotel and she decides to contact an old girlfriend. Her girlfriend is a lesbian and just happens to run an service. Raquel is in the mood for some young pussy so she asks her friend to send over something young and sexy to her hotel room. An hour later there’s a knock on Raquel’s door and when she opens it she is stunned. The that her friend sent over was Raquel’s own step-daughter Mysti. Raquel ha Mysti step into the room to talk. She’s sure her friend is having a big laugh about this but she’s upset that her step-daughter is escorting. Raquel and Mysti have a revealing talk about what’s been going on in their lives and to Raquel’s surprise she finds that her step-daughter is actually making sexual advances toward her. Mysti pushes Raquel back onto the couch and begins to kiss her passionately. Raquel weekly resists her daughters advances and finally gives into them and Raquel leads Mysti to the bedroom. In the bedroom both women undress and make passionate love to each other. It’s so hot to watch as they sit on each others face and smoke while the other eats her pussy. After the lovemaking they lay in each others arms smoking and talking about their next visit

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