Addicted to Marlboro reds Angie talk about her cravings and side effects while power smoking and coughing in a cheetah printed minidress and stockings Smoking Angie


This print goes very well with red so I couldn’t smoke other cigarette but marlboro reds, and as you can see Marlboro reds are pretty much all I’ve been smoking lately I talk a bit about this in the video, how my cravings increased and how I need stronger cigarettes more and more. I power smoke a Marlboro red with lots of double and triple pumps (those are becoming an habit) you can see huge amounts of smoke with my lights, lots of nose exhales, audible inhales, creamy snaps. The room will be literally filled with smoke cause all the windows are closed. Of course there’s cough in this clip. My legs are very visible in this tight minidress, I am wearing thighs without the garter just stockings and they shine as much as my skin does. People always think I am wearing thin pantyhose lol that’s how my soft skin shines hehe

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