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Random Snaps Special #148


The video opens with two scenes featuring Charli smoking cork 100s in a casual glamour outfit and then in gloves, red boa, matching hat, lingerie and fishnets; she takes deep drags followed by playful snaps and mouth exhales. Maddie is up next for three shoots in bra and panties and then sexy lingerie and stockings; she shows her usual gorgeous, super-smoker style with an amazing array of huge and double drags, exaggerated snaps and frenches, big mouth, nose and combined exhales, and huge smoke rings. Mel L. and Aprille are in bra and panties and getting very close (with Aprille’s head resting on Mel’s breasts as Mel L. caresses her a bit); they each smoke a cork with very deep drags and slow exhales (but unfortunately, no audio). Big-haired Natalie visits us from the 80s for scenes with a Marlboro 100 and a VS 120 in black corset and tights; her thick french inhales and thick cone exhales are exquisite (particularly in closeup), and she also talks a lot about her smoking history. Finally, the new, sedate, blonde Sara P. joins us for several dress-casual scenes as she enjoys champagne, all-whites and a VS 120 and shows that she hasn’t forgotten how to french, snap or nose exhale. There is natural sound and a little dialogue in this title.

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