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Aleah & Friends runs a little over an hour and features Aleah. Aleah smokes solo and has a scene with Lacy and a scene with Courtney as well. In the first scene Aleah has quit smoking. Her friends have given her a hard time about smoking and she just doesn’t want to hear it anymore. Lacey lights up next to her. Aleah almost breaks down, but Aleah quit and Lacey won’t encourage her. Finally Aleah can’t stand it anymore and Lacey gives in. Aleah loves to smoke and too bad if her friends don’t like it. She enjoys her cigarette immensely. The next scene features Aleah with Courtney. Aleah and Courtney talk of how they started smoking and put on an awesome smoking display. Aleah has an awesome snap inhale and tries to teach Courtney how to do one after the girls chain their second cigarette, but Courtney direct inhales so she can’t learn. Still Aleah shows off her wonderful snap inhales, triple hits, and combo exhales. Courtney adds more talking exhales, residual exhales, cheek hollowing drags, and combo exhales, to the amazing smoking you will see. The rest of the video features Aleah solo. Aleah is stunningly beautiful and her elegant style of dress and the way she carries herself shows that a girl like that should smoke. Aleah not only smokes, but smokes voraciously. Aleah’s style features an awesome natural snap inhale, a lot of deep double hits, some triple hits, chain smoking, talking exhales, combo exhales, a lot of gorgeous nostril exhales, and much more. Aleah & Friends also features fascinating dialog including Aleah talking about how she still has to hide her smoking from her parents, but makes up for it whenever she is on her own. Aleah has a smokers cough and this video includes a few of her coughs as well. Aleah smokes Marlboro Reds, Virginia Slims and there is a 120 scene. This video is an awesome showcase for a special girl that showcases her with stellar production values that includes innovative camera work, smoking sounds and great dialog captured with crystal clear audio. Aleah & Friends is another must see video.

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