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First Time Smoking Serena Samples Cigarettes for the First Time SmokingFetishStudio


Serena, 19 who is Italian was raised in a small Italian town in northern Italy with a population of about 600 people. When she moved to London just two months ago she was confronted with a whole new opportunity to explore. One such exploration was to sample cigarettes for the first time.

In this video you will see Serena expertly smoking 3 cigarettes. In just 3 scenes you will witness Serena making progress – inhaling the smoke just a little deeper after each cigarette! I demonstrated before the shoot how to hold the cigarette, how to drag on it and how to inhale. Subsequently, Serena appears to be a bit of a natural pro. She doesn’t cough and she doesn’t have the ‘newbie’ appearance of some unaccustomed smokers.

Unfortunately, Serena doesn’t speak smooth enough English to be able to convey to the camera fluently her thoughts on smoking cigarettes. I can tell you that initially she felt shy smoking on camera, and thus in scene’s 2 and 3 Serena meditatively ambles while she concentrates on trying cigarettes. These scenes have a candid feel to them as I suggest to Serena that she merely focusses on trying to inhale cigarette smoke and ignore the presence of the camera. The result is that she’s successful in developing her inhalation technique as well as the manner in which she holds the cigarette, drags on the cigarette and flicks the ashes.

Will Serena keep smoking? Well she certainly loved her first sampling of cigarettes so watch this space guys!..

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