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Alesia: Chain Smoking Girl Interview


Alesia, 28 years old, is a Czech girl who was raised with cigarettes, (even her mom used to smoke during her pregnancy).

Alesia was cigarette resistant until 16 years old, when she tried her first cigarette with her girl friends, to keep a slim silhouette during adolescence. She soon started to smoke regularly to reach today an average of 15-20 cigarettes a day, but a way more when she hangs out with friends! “I don’t count during weekends, usually about 2 packs!”

This model displays a quite relaxed ‘holding-it-inside’ style. She manifestly loves to smoke, with long and deep cheek hollowing drags, often followed by open mouth inhales, long holds, and either nostril or combinations exhales. Also, a lot of smoke residuals pop out from her mouth or nose as she tells her love for smoking:

“I love to feel the smoke through my mouth, my throat… through my lungs, it’s such a pleasure, and all my problems go away…” “Best cigarette is the one after sex of course”, she rapidly adds with a mischievous smile.

This girl can move a lot of smoke out of a cigarette with voluminous room filling exhales. She also acquired a sexy raspy voice through the years. And we understand how when she shows a very dark filter tip.

Alesia spontaneously unzips her sweat shirt to let pop out a pretty pair of breasts, full of warm smoke. They soon get shaken by some wet cough to break these chest expansions!

Alesia lights up her 6 cigarettes on this video with a lovely chrome Zippo. And to add some extra to her smoking session, she even appreciates a joint in the end! This video features beautiful close ups of the model’s intense drags, and we brought a special attention to the light and audio, which is crystal clear, without any parasites. Don’t miss this opportunity to see this beautiful accomplished smoker enjoying her daily pleasure with such enjoyment and self confidence.

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