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Ange Sampling Cigarettes for the First Time: Part 4 of a New Experimental Documentary A Deeper Addiction & Black Lungs! Smoking Fetish Studio


Ange returns … more addicted than ever! She smokes approximately 8 cigarettes per day and is now realising the addictive qualities of cigarettes.

Before I feature some more details of this latest clip allow me to inform you (if you need it) who Ange is and why I adore this documentary series. A while ago I embarked on a project to recruit a model who was a non-smoker. My intention was to document her progress from sampling cigarettes for the first time to gradually increasing her intake and then eventually becoming addicted. I’ve achieved that ambition and this documentary features the beautiful Ange from the Ukraine who resides here in London.

Initially Ange conveyed to us that she wouldn’t become a regular smoker; then she told us she would smoke socially but NEVER purchase cigarettes; then she informed us she would never smoke unless she was socialising; finally she explained to us that she wouldn’t become an addicted smoker. She was wrong! She now smokes every day and has inevitably become accustomed to cigarettes.

She’s learned how to inhale the delicious smoke into her body and she loves it. Now fully addicted Ange doesn’t care that her once pink lungs are now black and she doesn’t mind that she craves and needs cigarettes every day. Her consumption is approximately 8 cigarettes per day and she’s unsure how many she consumes when she’s socialising with friends; many more than 8 she accepts!

Interestingly Ange informed her step-mother (who also smokes) that she’s now a full-time regular smoker. Her step-mother was disappointed and asked her to quit. She managed a week but then couldn’t resist the inevitable cigarette. She explained to the camera:

“I stopped like for a week … my mum asked me to.”

Now back to smoking every day Ange adores to suck on her cigarette and then inhale the creamy smoke into her body; such a contrast to the first shoot where she couldn’t inhale any smoke into her lungs. Now of course her lungs crave and need smoke to keep them satisfied. She explains that some new smoker colleagues have started at her workplace and inevitably they head outside at break times for a cigarette. Ange reluctant to smoke on each break did begin to succumb and eventually would join them.

Her progress is incredible and I’m tremendously pleased that she’s now a full-time smoker. If you have the original clips in your collection you’ll notice that Ange’s smoking style has blossomed; she now takes harder drags, she inhales deeper which visibly inflates her chest, she looks natural and she’s absolutely loving each cigarette she’s smoking.

The perfect clip for your SF collection I think you’ll agree!

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