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Guoguo –the girl has the angel face and sexy devil figure Asian Fetish Club


Introducing an extremely beautiful girl Guoguo, just age 21, she is really pretty like angel, and she is 172cm height with a slender figure and sexy long legs. Guoguo is college student and doing some auto Salon model at party time. She star to smoke at age 16 and normal smoke half pack of medium cigarettes ( her daily brand is called Xuanhemen , a kind of fine cigarette with Tar 8mg ,CO 7mg, Nicotine 0.8mg),she is not a very heavy smoker ,but her smoking style is very nature, just like her smoke in real life. Guoguo is very comfortable and confident to shoot at my studio, during her first video, she smoke three cigarettes, including a chain smoke two Xuanhemen and one strong cigarette. Because she is not a very heavy smoker, she can’t smoking too deeply to compare with Yudi and Xiaofu, and during the shooting, she ask a lollypop to release her nicotine effecting. But anyway, she is still very excellent, a good looking girl who loves to smoking is not easy to find. All the scenes are captured from two angles (side view, front view).IF you like the pretty sexy young girl, just go ahead to have this video !

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