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Ashtray Boy Princess Samantha


Welcome to being my new slave! Today is going to be a crash course! Unfortunately, today it’s not ass or tit worship day it’s human ashtray day!! I know how much someone as conservative as yourself is against smoking. Lucky you have me. Today is a great day to start picking up a new bad habit! Now here take this and watch me. I want you smoking cigarette after cigarette. Oh I know they are bad for you, thats why I want you addicted to them! Because I dont give a fuck about your well-being! Aw look at that face your making! Haha tell me you love it loser! Take a nice long drag! If you stop thats 10 in a row for you! Now do it. Good bitch. Stop coughing loser! The more you cough the more I will make you smoke! Haha, aw what a loser! Now go buy another big pack and I expect you to smoke them every day you fucking reject! Now come here so I can put this out on your tongue. – Sam

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