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Alexxxya: Teasing And Heavy Smoking


Sexy Alexxxya is teasing her webcam friends with the perfect delicacy: 120s. Alexxxya shows the curves of her body full of clouds of white smoke. She feeds her favorite sin with hungry direct drags, filling her chest as she endlessly dangles her cigarette. Her hot lips are continuously pouring out warm smoke through superb open mouth and snap inhales.

Her black lungs also welcome a new flavor here: yummy Piña Colada cigarettes: “it’s like drinking and smoking at the same time, amazing” she says. She loves it so much that she smokes them down to the filter before chain smoke the next one. The hot dialog about her cravings and sensations in the lungs can not be missed. At the end she heavy smokes 2 More 120s in the street, smoking with superb French inhales, nostril and nose mouth combination exhales, sometimes followed by rings.

This video is of course dedicated to all the Alexxxya’s fans and heavy smoking lovers!

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