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Betty Double H Video


Betty, 72 has smoked for 60 years and knows how to do it. Betty is what smoking glamour is all about. Weighing 102 pounds she looks frail but smokes like a teenager. She has a unique smoking style in that she double and triple french inhales frequently. I had never seen anyone do this until I saw her. She inhales a little up her nose exhales it, inhales a little more, exhales it then from nowhere a huge burst comes out her mouth goes up her nose for a huge exhale. She is predominantly a tight stream mouth exhaler but freqently exhales out of her nose. She really shows her glamour as she tilts her head back and takes deep cheek hollowing drags throughout. She has a very soft exhale letting most of the creamy Winston 100 smoke float out of her mouth and nose, she however surprises you a couple of times with a forc*ful mouth or nose exhale. Varying camera angles and extreme closeups to show her true smoking beauty.

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