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asia Chimney Heavy smoking sex girl YYan’s interview part1 Asian Fetish Club


We would like to introduce our new model Yanyan to our studio. This is a very pretty and innocent looking 23 year old girl who smokes at least one half pack of strong brand Xuanhemen cigarettes daily. This perfect body figure model started smoking a few years ago in high school like most other girls. She enjoys smoking throughout the day especially after meals. Smoking is now a habit she looks forward to and enjoys everyday. She understands that cigarettes are harmful and unhealthy for her body but she is too young to worry about that now. This is very friendly and happy girl you will like.

YYan looks very pretty relaxing on a sofa answering interview questions from the producer. She wears a couple nice dresses while chain smoking Xuanhemen cigarettes in 2 scenes. She answers several smoking history, habit, attitude and health awareness questions from the producer including:

1) Do you feel addicted/kind of addicted or really addicted?
2) How long can you go between cigarettes before you get the urge?
3) Do you like the taste or the smell of cigarettes?
4) Do you smoke for pleasure or addiction?
5) Do you ever notice people checking you out while you smoke?
6) Does anyone ever give you a hard time about smoking?
7) Do you feel sexy while smoking?
8) Can you describe the feeling you experience with smoke in your lungs?
9) Would you quit smoking for your boyfriend?
10) Are there many girls smoking around you?
11) Have you ever had difficulty breathing or coughing?
12) Do you get sick more often now than you did before you started smoking?

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