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Blonde Moments La Verite


Cameron Chelsea Geri Monica Wendy Solo 120s

The La Verite series of videos (previously sold under the names Cyclops) feature lengthy segments shot in profile with strong backlight – with a huge assortment of smokers, most of them very accomplished. Each volume features numerous and well-done french inhales, nose exhales, snaps, talking exhales, double drags and enormous-volume cone exhales, with most of the models smoking 120s. Monica starts off with nose only and combined exhales with multiple nose residuals. Chelsea follows with French and occasional snap inhales with nose only, combined, and some rings in the exhales. Cameron is a college student and model whose style consists of combined and fluffy cone exhales with some nose only and nose residuals. Wendy is a series favorite and does textbook combined and nose only exhales. Geri is Chelsea’s mom and does some French and snap inhales with thin stream and combined exhales with some rings. These videos were shot in analog, not digital format – so the the video quality isn’t quite the same as modern digital videos. You may get best results by setting your media player display at 50 percent for this video. This video features a music background.

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