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California Dreamin Volume 5 Double H


Double H videos, off the market for years until now, focus on heavy and accomplished smokers with a premium placed on strong backlight to show thick smoke. Jane starts the video; with classic model looks, she smokes a Marlboro Light. Nicole, a light skinned, very attractive black girl has an interesting style, letting out a little burst of smoke, then reaching out and swallows it, very dreamy and sexy. Corina, a Mexican girl, is next; she is a new smoker and is primarily a mouth exhaler. Jane returns to do some nostril exhales and some more of her mouth exhales and wafts. Nicole returns for some nostril exhales, and is followed by Justina, a wild haired college girl who smokes Marlboro Lights. Redheaded Lisa Ann rounds out this tape, and her nostril exhales are some of the largest you’ll see anywhere. There is some dialogue and natural audio. Since the Double H videos were all shot in analog format many years ago, the video quality isn’t quite the same as today’s digital videos – you may get best results by setting your media player display at 50 percent for this video.

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