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Cassidy Chain Smoking Cutie


Adorable heavy smoking babe Cassidy looks super cute as she chain smokes cigarettes in her new sexy smoking video, smoking 4 cigarettes in 2 new smoking scenes. She loves to smoke and really likes chain smoking, she would often ask to shoot chain smoking scenes. Cassidy first chain smokes two Marlboro Red 100s as she stands around in her daisy duke shorts and Hooters tank top with her hair up in a ponytail looking cute and innocent. Next she is sitting at the vanity chain smoking two Marlboro Reds, she starts with her hair down then puts it up in a ponytail, she also puts on some lip gloss, takes her hair back down and brushes it a little bit as she enjoys chain smoking. Both of the scenes are non stop chain smoking and they are both captured from two angles that are included. Gorgeous cigarette loving babe looking hot and chain smoking strong cigarettes!!!

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