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Chloe Toy coerced chain smoking with her foot fetish sub WomenWhoSmoke


I have a smoking and foot fetish. I watched your bare feet smoking clips of Chloe Toy over and over again and I became so in love with you and your perfect feet. I have no other chance, than to smoke ride along with you. I would love it if you could do a custom clip for me (around 10 minutes, with my name “Dennis” included sometimes and showing your perfect soles while you smoke), in which you encourage me to smoke more and more cigarettes for you and your perfect feet. The script could be something like this (it doesn’t need to be like this exactly) Hey Dennis,now you watched some of my smoking clips and how I seduced you to smoke those toxic cigarettes with me and you became hooked. It´s such a nasty habit and you knew, that I took total control over you with this videos. You picked up this habit, because you had no other choice than to succumb your smoking fetish. I really love it to lead people into this addiction, and I love it that you´re the next victim. Come on look at my soles and promise them, that you will smoke the rest of your life for them. Light a cigarette with me, fall under my spell and inhale deep, drag after drag. Fill your lungs with all that tar, that will turn your lungs blacker and blacker… and with every drag you inhale more and more nicotine, that makes you forever addicted to those little cancer sticks…You became so obsessed with my beauty and my feet, so that you have no other chance, than obey them, and I will NEVER let you out of this addiction, I want you to become a chain smoker for me. Your only purpose in life from now on is to serve me, give me your money and destroying yourself for my feet by smoking. You´re so addicted to me, it won´t need much time until you´re begging for the next custom clip! I would like Chloe to chain smoke cork Camel cigarettes and light them using matches. (Custom video)

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