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Alea Compilation 10 Cigarettes, Lingerie, & Outside Scenes Smoking Fetish Studio


The following compilation is compiled from the previous two Alea scenes:

-Alea: I Feel SEXY When I Smoke Cigarettes! 5 Cigarettes in 5 Scenes…

-Alea Returns! Professional Model Alea – Sexy Lingerie Smoking & Outside Night time Scenes.

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During this huge extended scene Alea smokes 10 cigarettes and truly LOVES each one. This extended clip runs at approximately 43 minutes. The following is the description from the two previous individual releases which are featured below:

“I arrived at Alea’s home at 2:00pm to discover she was still in bed and in pyjamas! I asked if she wanted to smoke a cigarette to which replied yes. The first scene thus features Alea lazily lounging in bed in pyjamas sleepily smoking her first cigarette of the day. Drowsily, she rubs her eyes, and looks dreamy until the intoxicating cigarette smoke awakes her tired body from her slumber.

Within minutes she’s fully awake and decides to smoke another cigarette. This time as Alea breathes her cigarette smoke into her starved lungs she pulls on sexy stockings and lace gloves – accentuating her already exquisite body. She allows her cigarette to sensually dangle from her lips as she pulls on the delicate attire. Then, continuing the sexy display, Alea shifts around on the bed playing with her cigarette smoke, enjoying the experience and feeling utterly sexy herself.

Between these two scenes are two outside scenes which were filmed around Leicester Square in Central London. The first one features Alea pensively consuming a cigarette in the middle of Leicester Square shortly after exiting from the tube station. A little later in the evening she smokes another while enjoying a coffee. I didn’t inform her that the camera was switched on in this scene and she was a little shocked to have been filmed”

“Alea smokes 5 cigarettes in five scenes for this instalment. She truly loves feeling the cigarette smoke burn her throat and lungs and watch as smoke curls and wafts from her lips.

The first and last scenes are both filmed in the cosmopolitan setting of Central London on a busy evening. Alea smokes while she browses in a shop window near Trafalgar Square and in the final scene of the extended clip she leans against a wall in Piccadilly Circus and watches passer-by while enjoying a relaxing cigarette. A wonderful setting, these extracts were filmed at night on a chilly October evening.

The middle section of the clip contains Alea smoking 3 cigarettes back-to-back while lounging around her bed in sexy lingerie. She removes her dress, plays with her lips as she watches the smoke drift and float from her mouth, and becomes aroused at how sensuous she feels! Alea has a truly striking figure which is accentuated by her alluring lingerie.”

Please note that because of the length of the clip and because of C4S file size limits this compilation, although HD has lost some quality during compression.

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