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Lauren Smoking with her Step-Mother LaurenLouise


Lauren and her mum have just come back from a long hard days shopping. Having been on their feet all day they just want to sit back and enjoy a nice cigarette or two. At the flick of the lighter. You drop everything. You Forget everything. Nothing else matters when you see them light up. It is so hot watching them smoke together and you can’t help but love every second of it. You sit there, staring long and hard watching as these two stunning beauties smoke their slim white cigarettes. The smell of the smoke is . Watching as it passes through their soft plum lips. Imagine inhaling that smoke. Imagine the feeling off it traveling through your body and taking over. With every puff of smoke, with every inhale you fall weaker and weaker. The deeper and deeper you become entangled in their web of smoke.

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