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Ela Stone Sexy Hungarian Smoker


Introducing sexy mature large breasted heavy smoking model Ela Stone. For 20 years she has been enjoying her cigarettes without hesitation. Ela is a friendly but strong confident woman who also is an experience dominatrix. Ela drags hard on her Pall Mall 100s in 3 scenes and sexy model Alison joins her for 1 scene for a total of 4 smoking scenes. Alison and Ela talk about their smoking habits as they each enjoy a cigarette, Ela’s Hungarian accent is quite sexy as she asks Alison some questions about her smoking history and answers some questions as well. One scene she stares at you and blows a couple exhales right at you, another scene she ignores you as she devours her cigarette exhaling thick smoke, and she wears a elegant short black dress showing off her sexy legs as she relaxes and smokes.

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