Executrix The Breakup Mandy Flores


Mandy has her boyfriend tied up on the bed. He wakes up and she greets him. Hey, baby. I hope you don’t mind, I let myself in. ….What… Mandy? What’s going on? Is that Rob? …..Oh, don’t worry about him. I just like it better with an audience….. What are you talking about? ……You and me, baby. It’s not going to work out. I think it’s time we broke up…….Why are you doing this? I love you! …..I know, baby. That’s what’s going to make this so good. (Woman puts the cigarette and cigarette holder aside and begins making love to him….She continues making love to him. It is all about her. She loves the power and the control. Eventually, she is very close to cumming. She starts to give him instructions to play out her control fantasy as she slips closer to her climax, enjoying every moment.) Tell me you love me!! ….Beg for your life!! Say my name!!! (In one swift motion, she stuffs his mouth.) Thanks for everything, lover….She immediately climaxes and screams out in pleasure as his body twitches under her. She continues using his body as she enjoys herself and finishes. Eventually, she starts to slow down, caught up in how good she feels. She strokes his face lovingly, his jaw open and his eyes unblinking.) Oh, good boy, goooood boy. You’re a very good boy. (She picks up the cigarette in the cigarette holder, takes a drag, leans in close, and blows the smoke into his lifeless face.) Goodbye, baby. God, you were good. (She kisses him gently.

She gets up and walks over to her lover’s friend who is still tied up in the chair. She rips the duct tape off his mouth.) How’d I do? ….he pleads for his life…She smiles, walks over and straddles him on the chair. She continues talks to him softly and seductively while looking down at him. Her face is close…… It’s the power, baby. Knowing I can do anything I want….. Oh, your mouth is saying no, but your body’s saying yes. But…I’m a single woman now and I really shouldn’t… I’m just still so hot from the break-up, I need your help… Yes, yes, whatever you want– (She starts to touch herself with one hand, the cigarette holder with the cigarette in it still in the other hand. Already worked up, she starts to get closer to climaxing quickly while talking to him.) Just talk to me.Tell me how you feel about me. ……Umm–you’re–you’re beautiful–you’re powerful–you’re a goddess…. Would you do anything for me? …Would you end yourself for me? ….Would you end your life for me? …..NO PLEASE– (She him slowly, enjoying every second of his suffering. Masturbating to his cries) NO PLEASE, YOU PROMISED–! She enjoys the moment of ultimate power….she quickly ends his suffering once she finishes climaxing…his head jerks back and she immediately cries out in pleasure. She picks up the cigarette in the cigarette holder again, walks back over, and straddles his lifeless body. She smokes while playing with his hair and talking to him tenderly. Thank you, lover. I hope that was good for you, too. It was… indescribable for me. The way you begged me. The look on your face when you realized. The way your body jerked ….You were perfect. She finishes kissing him and looks down at him, satisfied. Goodbye, baby……Mandy Flores

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