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Polly, a 20 Year Old Addicted Smoker Displays her Smoking Appeal! Smoking Fetish Studio


Sometimes girls are just meant to smoke! Polly is one of those girls. She’s 20 years old and started smoking around 4 years ago. After sampling a single cigarette Polly loved the sensation smoking offered and quickly became a regular and addicted smoker.

She’s a very striking girl with an appealing personality and importantly her smoking is wonderful. Polly prefers strong cigarettes and was smoking a strong brand from her native Latvia on our shoot. When (unfortunately) many are disregarding cigarettes as a life-style choice Polly publicly demonstrates why more girls should enjoy them. You can witness the gratification and pleasure Polly experiences as she devours her cigarettes and it’s that image that should be broadcast to girls everywhere.

These three scenes exemplify a rather beautiful who chooses to smoke cigarettes because they provide her with pleasure. I hope you enjoy.

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