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Finally smoking after spending 5 hours in the hair salon getting my hair done Abstinence challenge Smoking Angie


Today I did two of my favorite things and I wanna share with you: Abstinence challenge and a whole afternoon at the hair salon!

I deserved to be spoiled a bit, I’ve been working very hard lately, so I made an appointment and went straight for a hair makeover. By now you probably know how much attention I put into aesthetics, I enjoy so much doing my skin care routine, trying new make ups and my hair is not an exception. It was getting dehydrated and a bit messy so it was time to do something about it. I know that my beauty fascinates you, and it’s just natural, so a little enhancement can’t harm, right? Anyway, I got to the hair salon and the action started: they washed my hair and applied some nutritive products, ah they smell so good! Then the lady started cutting, just a little bit on the tips, giving some movement and style, after that, the dyeing. It’s just an illumination for my brunette hair, not a full thing, but I love how cute it gets. As you can see, my hair is pretty long so it’s not easy work for the hairdresser and it takes a long time, for real. When I realized some four or five hours had passed, I still had some products on my hair and suddenly an intense craving started to build up inside me. What was that?

Of course! I didn’t had a cigarette in all this time, not even a little smoke break, what was I thinking about? A whole afternoon without smoking! I felt it growing in my chest and in my whole body, an irrepressible urge to inhale that strong, delicious smoke, to have it all inside my lungs. My mind started to wander, the smell of the tobacco while I took the cigarette out of the pack, that first inhale making me close me eyes in ecstasy. That’s when I had the idea, let’s do an abstinence challenge! So I went out of the hair salon and as much as I wanted, I didn’t smoke. I called an Uber and in the whole ride I didn’t smoke, of course I could have, I smoke everywhere I want but this time I wanted it to be special. I arrived home and went straight to my studio, wearing the same clothes I wore all day, I sat down and grabbed my cigarettes. I was shaking in anticipation but there’s still was a moment to show off my hair, so beautiful, right? There’re not many words to describe what follows, only if you’re a smoker you’ll understand the pleasure, the unparalleled delight of the first cigarette after a long day in abstinence. Let’s share the beauty and joy of smoking together!

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