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The Chainsmoker trying on sexy outfits for a date Eva36d


Custom clip:

“You’re getting ready for a date and you want to look super sexy so you’re trying on different outfits in your dressing room/bedroom.

You talk to the camera about the outfits, maybe this skirt isn’t short enough or you’ve outgrown this top. It’s really important that you start out with a bra on, then after a couple of outfits are tried on you decide you’re not going to wear a bra or panties as you feel much sexier without any underwear and the bra constricts your lungs. It would be great if you could take your bra off under your shirt (I find that really sexy for some reason!)

I’d like you to play with your big sexy tits a lot while you’re changing and in your outfits, making sure your date can see loads of cleavage and that they’re nice and wobbly under your tops and in your dresses. Maybe lean over and check that your date can get a real good look at your beautiful boobs. I love your sexy belly too so make sure you play with that too.

During this time you should be chain smoking your cigarettes(4 Marlboro red 100) and dangling them as you take on and off your outfits. Maybe have a glass of wine if you want?”


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