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Franchezca: Smoking Girl Next Door


Beautiful Franchezca shines through this intense smoking video, smoking 8 reds (king size).

Scene 1: Franchezca takes a quick smoke break outside of a bar in a hurry, smoking with beautiful cheek hollowing drags, quick inhales and combo exhales.

Scene 2: Franchezca smokes around the living room. The combination between her perfect body and face, her flowing hairs and her cigarette between her painted lips is just breathtaking! Her sunglasses perfectly complete her sexy starlet look. Franchezca shows a beautiful simple but complete style made of quick powerful drags, some snap inhales, dangles, a couple of double drags and combo exhales. Franchezca spontaneously puts her white blouse off to display a pretty lacy bra… The second cigarette, chain lit up, is smoked even harder with quiet a few multi drags that makes this loud “pop” sound as she removes the filter lips from her luscious lips.

Scene 3: With a more relaxed smoking style, her drags gained in length. She sits in the white armchair, eyelids often closed, her ashtray on her belly to easily de ash. She smokes two full flavour cigarettes on this scene.

Scene 4: In the mirror. Franchezca practices in front of the mirror her gestures to perfection, It’s time for smoking self-contemplation while taking wonderful big hits on her cigarette.

Scene 5: Back in the armchair for the last scene. Franchezca smokes with obvious pleasure, often smiling at the camera and shaking her beautiful buttocks in the end. This video truly enhances Franchezca heavy natural smoking style. There is no words or interviews made in this video but a few sighs of pleasure as she enjoys the harmonious number of 8 cigarettes.

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