Gorgeous heavy smoking sexy babe Yuanyuan love to smoke Asian Fetish Club


Introducing a very sexy and heavy smoking babe Yuanyuan, she is 24years old, had been smoke over 6years, since she is 18.She is very pretty and sexy, looks like a pure, but actually she is a long term heavy smoker, daily smoke over 1pack per day. Her daily brand is strong Yuxi (Tar 11mg,CO11mg,nicotine 1mg) and when she went out for party or stay at home playing game she even smoke more than 1.5pack per day. Yuanyuan is a full time plan model and party time doing some exhibition model. Majority of her colleague are all smokers, because they need smoking to relax during the working break, she is very heavy addict in smoking, and she admit the only things that can push her quit is pregnancy, otherwise she will never quit. After 6 years smoking, she already developed a very experienced smoking skill. During her first video she chain smoke two Yuxi cigarettes, showing off deep snap inhale, French inhale, lung holed, exhale from mouth and nose large amount of smoke following by residual. Yuanyuan is a top standard model, combine with pretty sexy appearance, heavy smoking addiction and experienced smoking skills. I filmed lots of new model recently; she is the only one that I was very satisfied. If you like heavy smoking pretty girl, Yuanyuan definitely matches your appetite, don’t miss it! All the scenes captured from two angles are included in this download.

Assessment: smoking skills 4 stars, degree of addiction 5 star, appearance 5 stars.

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