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Gwen Chain Smoking Model


Gwen is one of these beautiful “snap smoking girl”! She displays a very natural sexy smoking style, savoring each drag like if it was the last, with direct long draws. That makes nice cheek hollowing action! Harder drags even make her lovely chin skin wrinkle. You can see from her nicotine stained filter that she is not here to work as an extra!

This hot smoking action is filmed up close! Her constant signature snap / open mouth inhale are to die for with their swallowing “glop” sound. Also, you can hear kiss sounds as she powerfully drags.

Gwen also performs some beautiful rings and nose / mouth combination exhales with a right at you bright look. An interesting feature: this girl enjoys destroying her cigarettes as she consciously smashes them on the floor. I included a special off scene as I was preparing the lights for this interview. Observe here her urge for smoking. Her huge drags and massive exhales clearly reveal her great addiction! You’ll get also a bathroom mirror scene. Admire her perfect silhouette as she looks incredibly attractive putting her hair together, dangling in front of the mirror.

Along this video, this model sensually lights up not less than 9 red 100s always with a lighter, except one, lit the previous one! Discover again the magic of perfect done snaps, along with some sensual rings, cone exhales and much more performed by a gorgeous confirmed smoker.

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