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Hanna Getting Addicted to my 120s


Meet Hanna, a wonderful girl that starts to get strongly addicted!

In this video, Hanna smokes one of the most seductive cigarette. One of the cigarette that magnifies the most a woman: 120s! And for you guys who prefer cork filtered cigarette, she smokes a couple also!

Hanna is relaxed, laid on her bed and she enjoys her most favorite pleasure: smoking cigarettes with long, slow satisfying drags. Her style combines cheek hollowing drags, snaps, drifting, and cone exhales. She also blows nice rings. Some wonderful close ups will show you her sweet glossy lips gently wrapped around the filter as she is dragging hard on her cigarette. Hanna is a wonderful nice girl with a lot of fantasy. But don’t be fooled by her innocent face: Hanna is building a strong addiction.

She is becoming thoroughly addicted, as you’ll see her taking long cheek hollowing drags, dragging the smoke deep into her lungs. Hanna is really gorgeous, smoking her long Slims with delightful smile and sparkling eyes… Despite she started to smoke 2 months ago, she has already great smoking skills. She is in good way to become a true smoker as she really loves to smoke! She says that she likes the feeling of the smoke pouring into her body, she finds it really sooo relaxing. She is so impatient to smoke more and more! She also appreciates the smell of her cigarette. In one word, Hanna truly enjoys smoking: “cigarette is my best friend”.

Hanna’s audition is also included; it was before filming the video. She smokes two cork filter cigarette during this interview, combining hard drags, snaps with some cone exhales, right-at-you exhales, and rings.

Go for this video if you like innocent-looking young girl that already has great smoking skills! Believe me, she is really becoming a stylish addicted beautiful smoker!

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