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Gwen: Chain Smoking In The Bath


Gwen knows pretty well a wet but torrid combination to relax: bath and cigarettes! This time smoking 3 100s Red.

Gwen’s drags are powerful as usual, caving her cheeks a lot and immediately followed by beautiful snaps and open mouth inhales. Her exhales are slowly combined by mouth/nose exhales. Dangling scenes also feature here, as she adjusts her hairs in an “out of shower” sexy style. This girl lights her cigarettes either with matches or with a lighter and is not worried about de-ashing in the water! In fact, she always does it. Her way to extinguish the dying cigarette is quiet direct: dipped in the water!

Gwen smokes generously her 100s, with huge pulls, down to the filter. This video allows you to see her wonderful shaped body from closer, and to observe some nice breast expansions.

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