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Kayla Your New Smoking Girlfriend


Here is Kayla in a custom smoking video smoking 3 Marlboro Red 100s in 3 new smoking scenes at different times of her day. Kayla is a regular heavy smoker with a sexy smoking style that just starts to date a new guy. The story line is a s follows:
1st Scene Kayla In The Morning
Kayla just woke up and pours herself a cup of coffee and sits down to enjoy her morning cigarette.Kayla then calls her girlfriend to talk to her about her new boyfriend she started dating a few weeks ago. He doesn’t smoke but she really likes him and he told her his secret that he like women that smoke cigarettes. She tells her friend how he likes her to blow smoke in his face, how he like to kiss her when she is smoking and even likes her to flick her ash on him sometimes as well. Kayla does think its a little bit weird but she wants to see where things go with him.
2nd Scene Kayla After Work
Kayla works in a doctors office and just got home from a bad day at work where everything went wrong and she also barely got to smoke so she is dying for a cigarette. You are sitting on the couch a she comes home and sits down beside you and begins to tell you about her bad day at work as she finally get to enjoy a cigarette she so badly wants to smoke. Kayla starts to feel better as she satisfys her cravings and calms down some, she ends up kicking off her shoes and kicks back so you can rub her sore feet as she finishes up her cigarette.
3rd Scene Kayla After The Game
Kayla likes to play softball sometimes after work and just finished up a game that went really well so she is happy and in a great mood. She doesn’t smoke at the ballpark so when she gets home, still in her uniform, she really wants to smoke her cigarette. Kayla is excited and tells you all about how great the game went as she enjoys smoking her cigarette. At the end she comes up and blows a few exhales in your face before she goes to get ready for your date tonight.
Each of the 3 scenes is captured from two angles.

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