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Vanessa: Smoking On The Beach


“I don’t smoke for pleasure, only to feel the smoke burning inside me – seriously, it isn’t something that I like, it is just something that I need. Only when I wake up for a cigarette at night, the feeling in my burning lungs becomes an indescribable pleasure…”

“…I never set a limit on my smoking, I smoke more than I need. Oh God!… I can’t imagine how many cigarettes have been on my fingers or in my mouth… I watch my fingers and I don’t know why… there is always a cigarette there, and a cloud searing my lungs.”

Vanessa admits to smoking much more than she needs to. She started to smoke at the age of 12, playing with a cigarette infront of the mirror in her bathroom, and she became a true chain smoker at 14. Ten years later, more than 40 Red cigarettes kiss her body deep inside every day.

Today her purse contains two different packs of cigarettes: a 100’s red pack and a West ‘Cold Mint’ pack, although she smokes only six 100’s in this video. She performs double drags, double exhales, and nostril exhales. This video is for sure an exhibition of what a chain smoking girl is like in real life. She smokes on the beach, showing her sexy body and her breasts gently rising up after each drag , one drag after the other without any pause and without control, inhaling deep big amounts of smoke, exhaling large clouds and finally coughing.

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