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Kennedy Adorable Skilled Smoker


Introducing new pretty smoking model Kennedy, a 20 year old adorable smoker with awesome smoking skills. Kennedy is a fun and free spirited babe with a lot of self confidence, she has a really pretty wholesome look but she loves to smoke and she puts on a sexy smoke show demonstrating her smoking skills. She performs wicked huge snap inhales and wide open mouth inhales after nice cheek hollowing drags. With her clean elegant look she doesn’t look like she would be a smoker but she sure knows how to smoke a cigarette. Kennedy smokes 6 Marlboro Reds in 6 all new smoking scenes showing off her adorable smile and stunning eyes as she often looks at you as she enjoys smoking her cigarettes all the way down. Each scene is captured from two angles are included in a separated HD download. Awesome sexy skilled smoking from this wholesome looking pretty smoking babe Kennedy !!!

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